NL Central Update

Photo by Pixabay on We are a few weeks into the 2019 MLB season, and the time is here to start an in-depth weekly update on each division. First out: the NL Central. This was a very difficult division to predict before the season started, although most fans and journalists imagined the Cubs, Cardinals … Continue reading NL Central Update

Power Rankings 04/22

Photo by Pixabay on 1) Houston Astros (-)Despite being on a 4-3 record over the last week, the Astros stay top. They're inn a mini-slump, but this was preceded by 10 wins in a row, meaning the Astros are still the best team in baseball right now. It's Monday, meaning it's time for another … Continue reading Power Rankings 04/22

Keuchel-saga finally coming to an end?

It has been a long off-season for former Astros star Dallas Keuchel. A very long off-season. The bearded wonder was coming off a very decent year, boasting an ERA of 3.74 after almost reaching the World Series for a second year in a row. Baseball life was great. Then it all just went wrong somewhere. … Continue reading Keuchel-saga finally coming to an end?

Power Rankings 04.15

Photo by Pixabay on Another week, another Power Ranking. Today's ranking build on the Power Ranking publish 10.04.19. Se below for the big movers over the last 5 days. Houston Astros (+10)Tampa Bay Rays(+2)Seattle Mariners (-2)Minnesota Twins (+1)Atlanta Braves (+9)San Diego Padres (+10)LA Angels (+6)STL Cardinals (+2)Philadelphia Phillies (-6)Oakland A's (+5)NY Mets (+1)LA Dodgers … Continue reading Power Rankings 04.15

Power Rankings 04.10

From this moment on, MLB Rants will present our very own Power Rankings every single week, throughout the entire MLB season. Our first ranking is bound to be slightly controversial as we are not basing our picks on preseason expectations, but simply on the numbers as they are per 04.10.19. Everybody knows that Spring Training … Continue reading Power Rankings 04.10

Free–agency and trade top-4

When the last pitch of the World Series had been thrown and yet another MLB season brought to a close, all eyes inevitably veered towards free-agency and the list of names available in the winter. On this rather impressive list we found names such as Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Nolan Arenado, just to mention … Continue reading Free–agency and trade top-4