Power Rankings 04/22

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1) Houston Astros (-)
Despite being on a 4-3 record over the last week, the Astros stay top. They’re inn a mini-slump, but this was preceded by 10 wins in a row, meaning the Astros are still the best team in baseball right now.

It’s Monday, meaning it’s time for another Power Ranking. Our top-4 stay relatively unchanged, but we see some big moves, especially between 6th and 15th. Let’s get to it!

2) Seattle Mariners (+1)
The Mariners are leading the league in Runs, Hits, RBIs and Slugging Percentage. After a 6 game losing streak, they won 3 out of 4 against the Angels to push their away record to an almost unbelievable 11-2.

3) Tampa Bay Rays (-1)
The AL East leaders have been one of the best teams in baseball, but recently went on a 4 game losing streak. They stay in the top 3 largely because of their fantastic start, but they are definitely starting to slip.

4) Minnesota Twins (-)
The Twins stay 4th with a nice 4-1 record over the last week. A sweep is a sweep, even against the Orioles, but the real test for the Twins comes now in the form of the Houston Astros.

5) LA Dodgers (+7)
The Dodgers jump up the rankings by as much as 7 spots having beaten the Brewers 3-1 after a sweep of the Reds. The “crisis” seems to be over in LA.

6) STL Cardinals (+2)
The Redbirds go up 2 spots despite only being 3-3 over the last week. An unimpressive record it might be, but they’ve faced the Mets and the Brewers. A differential of +21 and a 12-9 record is enough to keep the Cards advancing for now.

7) Pittsburgh Pirates (+10)
The Pirates are leading the league in ERA with incredible 2.54, they’ve only given up league-leading 48 earned runs (by contrast, the Orioles have given up 140 Runs), plus teams are only hitting .204 against them. The pitching staff in Pittsburgh is on fire, and enough to jump the Pirates into our top-10.

8) Texas Rangers (+10)
Rangers jump up 10 spots after a 5-1 run over the last week. The Rangers swept the Angels and followed that up with a 2-1 homestand series victory over the Astros. Being 10-4 at home also doesn’t hurt.

9) Milwaukee Brewers (+5)
The Brewers have faced difficult opponents over the last week. They won their series against the Cardinals, and only narrowly missed out on a series split against the Dodgers. That leads to a 3-4 record over the last week. The all-important series against division-rivals Cardinals is right around the corner and will most likely determine whether or not the Brewers really are a top-10 team.

10) Philadelphia Phillies (-1)
Rounding out our top 10 (and dropping down 1 spot), is the Phillies. They’re not on the best of runs, having lost 3-1 to the Rockies, but this nothing more than a minor slump. The Rockies are coming good, and the same might be said for the Phillies. A series against division-rivals Mets is to follow and will tell us a lot about the real standings in the NL East.

11) Cleveland Indians (+4)
After a sweep of the Mariners and a 1-2 series against the Braves, the Indians have done enough to climb into 11th spot. Next up is a 2 game series with the Marlins before a big 4 game series against the Astros.

12) NY Yankees (+4)
The Yankees jump up 4 places despite an ever growing injury list which now includes Aaron Judge.They are 5-1 in their last 6 games including back-to-back wins against arch-rivals Red Sox.

13) Atlanta Braves (-8)
Braves fall down 8 spots due to being swept by the Diamondbacks at home. Despite this, the Braves have now won 2 in a row against the Indians and get Monday off before they face the Reds on the 23rd.

14) NY Mets (-3)
The Mets are 2-5 over the last week and really seem to be struggling. To make matters worse, neither DeGrom nor Syndergaard is currently showing up. A slip of 3 spots might quickly evolve into something worse if Van Wagenen can’t immediately steady the ship.

15) San Diego Padres (-9)
1-5 after one series against the Rockies followed by one series against the Reds. The Padres have been absolutely awful over the last week. They are still a top 15 team, but things need to change fast.

16) Arizona Diamondbacks (+5)
The Diamondbacks lost the series against the Cubs 1-2, but this was only after they swept the Braves in a 3 game series. A jump of 5 spots might be a bit conservative, but we’re not 100% sold on the D’Backs quite yet.

17) Toronto Blue Jays (+9)
Last week, the Blue Jays looked well on their way to becoming one of the worst teams in baseball. That has dramatically changed over the last 7 days. The Blue Jays are 6-1, having swept the A’s and gone 3-1 against the Twins.

18) Chicago Cubs (+4)
After some absolutely horrific pitching to start the season, it finally looks like Cubs fans can breathe a deep sigh of relief. The Cubs easily swept the Marlins and took home the series against the D’Backs 2-1. The Dodgers are next, so everything can easily unravel, but the Cubs have at least done more than expected over the last week. 4 spots up might be cautious, but we’ll wait with our judgement until after the series against the Dodgers.

19) Boston Red Sox (+1)
The issues are far from sorted out in Boston, but a sweep of the Rays is mighty impressive and brings the Red Sox’s record to 3-3 over the last week. A one spot jump is conservative, but the reigning World Series Champions still have a lot to prove.

20) Washington Nationals (-7)
Dropping down 7 spots might seem harsh for a team sitting on a 3-3 record over the last 7 days. It becomes less harsh when you learn that 2 of those losses came against the bottom-feeding Marlins. A differential of +10 is not bad, but we still feel the Nats’ recent performances warrants 20th place on our list. They now have the chance to prove us wrong with a tricky series against the resurgent Rockies.

21) Oakland A’s (-11)
A decent 2 game split series against the Astros was followed up by what can only be called a shitshow in the form of being swept by the Blue Jays. A lack of consistency sees the A’s drop as much as 11 spots.

22) Colorado Rockies (+8)
The Rockies have found life as they have now won 5 of their last 6 games and are starting to look like the team many predicted they would be to start the season. They now welcome the Nationals for a 3 game homestand after winning 3 of 4 against the Philadelphia Phillies

23) Detroit Tigers (-)
The Tigers are 5th in the league with a 3.25 ERA however, their problem continues to be on the offensive side as they are 29th in the league with 61 runs scored. Currently sitting at 10-10 the Tigers enter a big 4 game series with the Boston Red Sox.

24) Cincinnati Reds (-5)
The Cincinnati Reds are hitting a league worst .197 as a team and really need to get the bats going to give some run support to their impressive pitching staff. The Reds are 4th in the league with a 3.22 ERA. They are coming off winning 3 or 4 games against the Padres and will look to build momentum against the Braves.

25) LA Angels (-18)
The Angels have been awful this week as they are 1-6 in their last 7 games after being swept by the Rangers and losing 3 of 4 to the Mariners. The Angels sit at the bottom of the Al West and have an interesting 4 game homestand against the Yankees coming up.

26) SF Giants (-2)
The Giants are 29th in the league with a batting average of .209. They rank 3rd in the league with a .322 ERA but really need their bats to wake up if they have any chance of getting into the NL West race. Giants will play a two game series with the Blue Jays next.

27) Chicago White Sox (-)
The White Sox are 2-3 in their last 5 and have the lowly Baltimore Orioles next. They sit at 4th in the Al Central and will need to put together some wins to challenge the Twins and Indians at the top of the division.

28) Baltimore Orioles (-)
The Orioles are 1-5 in their last 6 games and have a league worst 6.21 ERA as teams are hitting an astounding .287 against them. They have given up 16 more runs than the 2nd worst team in the league. With their current pitching in shambles I do not see how they can challenge for a playoff spot.

29) Kansas City Royals (-4)
The Royals sit at the bottom of the Al Central. They have given up the 3rd most amount of hits in the league at 204. The Royals lost the last 3 games in the 4 game series against the Yankees. Up next for them is a 3 game series against one of the best teams in the league the Tampa Bay Rays.

30) Miami Marlins (-1)

The Marlins fired hitting coach Mike Pagliarulo after scoring the fewest runs in the league through their first 20 games. They still have the fewest runs scored at 60 runs. Somehow they managed to get a series win against the Nationals and will now have a short 2 game series with the Indians. With the Marlins current form it is safe to say the losses will keep coming in bunches. 

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